How To Select a Hot Tub in Newmarket

The first step in selecting and buying a hot tub is to choose a good dealer.  It’s a critical step, because the relationship will last from the start of the project to the finish.  And why not try to make the best possible choice right away?  You want a dealer who specializes – a company that knows hot tubs; that understands “hot tubbing”; and can fully undertake the installation.  Having a focus on a quality hot tub product is also very good idea, and let’s not forget good customer service – you’ll need this, from planning, to installation, to after-sales.

You are are the customer, so make sure that the dealer you choose accommodates your needs.  The dealer should help you to choose a hot tub that satisfies your specific needs; that matches with your lifestyle; and that fits into your budget.  A really good dealer will also provide great customer service from when the project begins, right to the end.  Needless to say, there are so many companies out there, and so much competition, that it can actually make things more challenging.  But with a good dealer at your side, the process can be satisfying and stress free.

Purchasing a new hot tub can become a big investment.  For most, it’s a good idea to operate within a budget.  And like any major purchasing decision, the more informed and educated, the better.  For the most part, you really do get what you pay for, and buying a hot tub is no exception.  The total cost of your hot tub “package” (regardless of your particular budget) will depend on a number of basic factors: the size of the tub you decide on; the extra costs, like delivery and setup; and the actual install (this would incorporate plumbing and electrical).

A good dealer will offer you a “live try-out” of a hot tub.  This is an excellent opportunity to feel things out, before you make the final buy.  You can check out how everything works; you can experience some of the special features and accessories; and you can start deciding about your final hot tub “package”.  You should also take this opportunity to get answers to all of your remaining questions.  You should be getting closer and closer to the point where you’re making some concrete decisions about your final hot tub “package”.

Dealers who seriously specialize in hot tubs will have showroom models, in various shapes and sizes.  You probably don’t need much more to decide which size and shape of tub would be best.  This is also the time to make decisions on which features and accessories you want to include.  The dealer’s sales staff can be extremely helpful here – they will have the ability to estimate a final “package” price for you; they will be able to approximate your operating costs; and they will be able to average out utility and maintenance costs.

A very important step in choosing a reputable dealer is to assess the dealer’s commitment to you, the customer.  Is there a good product warranty?  Is the installation guaranteed?  Is there any after-sales service?  A good dealer will offer all of the above – a product warranty without any “fine print” conditions; a guarantee on the installation; and a commitment to after-sales service.  As for the hot tub you choose to buy, there’s much to be said for a brand name, and especially one that is known for being quality-built and quality-engineered.

As for the installation, don’t take this for granted.  For instance, contracting with a dealer who does it all “under one roof” is a great option, and it can often deliver the best value.  Doing it all “under one roof” includes selling a quality hot tub product; undertaking the installation; and providing in-depth customer service during the entire process.  The dealer who does it all can often make the process very worthwhile.  They can handle the install from end to end; they can oversee the process on an ongoing basis; and they can ensure quality in a finished project.

The dealer with a good team and good staff will service you, even after the installation.  They will provide a “start-up” and show you how everything works; they will explain maintenance requirements; and they will describe safety protocol in and around the hot tub.  This kind of after-sales service support is a real bonus.  A good service team can also troubleshoot some of the problems that may arise; they can assist with replacement parts when needed; and they can often come to the rescue in the event of an unforeseen emergency.

Once the hot tub is functioning, there are some maintenance responsibilities.  Routine, regular   maintenance is simple and easy, although many dealers offer this as a service.  For example, the chemicals in the hot tub water must be monitored and tested regularly.  There must be a balance of alkalinity, calcium, and pH level.  Where chemicals are not balanced, this can have some potential negative effects on occupants and equipment.  A service-oriented dealer will likely offer their customers FREE water testing and analysis – it’s a great service bonus.

At this point, you should have a good sense of how to select a hot tub in Newmarket.  And for a dealer who can do it all “under one roof”, look no further than Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs.  Our foremost priority is customer satisfaction, and you’ll find our customer service approach is unparalleled in the hot tub industry.  We stand behind all of the products that we sell and install, and we’re proud of our people.  Our installation teams are the best in the business.  They do not shortcuts when they install; they follow established construction codes; and they always install quality parts and equipment.

Our focus at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is on quality, and that approach applies to everything we do.  Indeed, our President and owner, Craig Walters, oversees virtually every project – and  we can do the same for you!

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