How to Properly Drain your Beachcomber Hot Tub

With the winter hot tub season coming to an end, proper hot tub maintenance may be apropos just before the spring. It’s therefore important to know exactly how to drain a Beachcomber hot tub properly. Manufacturers actually recommend changing hot tub water quarterly. This ensures that the water is not over-exposed to chemicals and sanitizers […]

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How to Fix Your Insomnia: Case Studies Based on Research

Sleepless nights happen to the best of us. We toss and turn, count sheep and fidget until we finally dose off. However, some people experience sleeplessness every night, in the form of insomnia. If you have trouble sleeping every night you may be wondering if you can you treat your insomnia. The answer is yes.

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hot tub maintenance checklist

The Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance for 2018

Whether you’re maintaining a car or a hot tub, regular maintenance is key for performance and longevity. It can sometimes seem demanding and time consuming, but with a straightforward hot tub maintenance guide, it can be simplified. Owning a hot tub should be pleasurable around the year, and by following a basic hot tub maintenance […]

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Hot Tubs in Toronto improve circulation weight loss hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy Helps Weight Loss and Improve Circulation

Most of us are looking for ways to lose a few pounds. Whether it’s by eating right or exercising more, we often try to take hold of our health, but get frustrated when we don’t see results. Circulation plays an important role in weight loss. You may not be aware of this, but hydrotherapy helps […]

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2-person beachcomber hot tub jets neck massage energy efficient

Is a 2-person hot tub the right option?

While a hot tub is certainly a luxury, it doesn’t always have to be an expensive undertaking, and especially if it’s a 2-person hot tub (rather than a multi-person tub). The truth is, not everyone likes a crowd, and a 2-person hot tub can accommodate personal needs quite well. Good to know, smaller hot tub […]

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valentines day hot tub champagne bottle

It’s Practically the Perfect Valentine’s Day – a Hot Tub Date Night!

How perfect can date night get? No reservations are needed. There’s no menu to decide. And no driving is required. It’s practically the perfect Valentine’s Day – an amorous hot tub date night right at home – with plenty of romance.

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meditation yoga young woman yellow matt clear mind bliss white clothing

A Simple Guide to Meditating in your Hot Tub

Personal meditation has proven to be one of the most beneficial practices to enhance wellbeing – and the benefits have been well documented. Regular meditation sessions can: reduce stress, improve mental focus and enhance general health. With meditation, practice is the key to results. Meditation can be practiced anywhere, however individuals who choose to do […]

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hot tub cloudy foamy water

Why is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy and Foamy?

Many hot tub owners are able to enjoy relaxing soaks without their tub’s water experiencing any problems. However, if your hot tub water is cloudy and foamy this may cause you to panic. Before you throw up your arms in despair, there are things you can do to rectify the problem. First, let’s explore why […]

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Maintain your Hot Tub this Winter in the Right Way

Soaking in your hot tub in winter is a real delight – especially if everyone else has already closed up for the season. In Canada, winter soaking can be a treat, but the weather can be a real challenge. It means that special care is required to keep the hot tub water from freezing. And it means […]

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Shoulder and Back Pain Relief with Hot Tubbing and Hydrotherapy

Many of us suffer from constant aches and pains in our shoulders and backs. There are only so many painkillers you can take before the pain comes back. Instead of wasting your money on medication that doesn’t work, relieve shoulder pain with hydrotherapy and hot tubbing.

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