hot tub cloudy foamy water

Why is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy and Foamy?

Many hot tub owners are able to enjoy relaxing soaks without their tub’s water experiencing any problems. However, if your hot tub water is cloudy and foamy this may cause you to panic. Before you throw up your arms in despair, there are things you can do to rectify the problem. First, let’s explore why your hot tub water is cloudy.

Why does hot tub water turn foamy and cloudy?   hot tub cloudy foamy water

When you take a bath, the water you start with is clear. After you’ve bathed, the water turns a darker, cloudier colour because you’ve cleaned yourself. You’ve removed, with soap, any debris and pollution that was found on your skin and hair and the water reflects that. After you’re finished bathing, you drain the water and your bathtub returns to its normal state. With a hot tub, the water will return to its normal state on its own for as long as the water can handle it. But, when the water needs to be replaced, after many months of use, it will have a hard time looking clear and inviting as it once did. If your hot tub water requires replacing it will foam and cloud.

Another reason your hot tub water is cloudy and foamy is caused by beauty products. When we leave too much soap residue on our skin and bathing suits, it can turn the hot tub water to a less than ideal colour and texture. The same goes for hair products, lotions and oils, and even using too much fabric softener when you wash your clothing.

Low calcium hardness is another culprit for foamy, uninviting water. When the calcium levels in the tub are too low, they can damage the equipment itself and decrease the water’s surface tension leading to a sudsy look. Furthermore, an uneven pH level in your hot tub will also render the water into a cloudy mess.

What to do when your hot tub water is cloudy

Before you replace your hot tub entirely, there are certain things you can do to ensure crystal clear water returns.

  1. When your hot tub water is foamy and cloudy you should replace the water. Although, the safe chemicals used to create the hot and relaxing water in the hot tub keep it clean for months, after a while, they will stop working.
  2. Rinse your body and swimsuit before entering the hot tub to ensure lotions and other beauty products aren’t left on your skin, ready to cloud the water.
  3. Products like scum digesters, oxidizing shocks, calcium hardness increasers and floating oil absorbers will help prevent foam from forming.
  4. Test the chlorine and pH levels of your hot tub weekly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  5. Contact a professional hot tub dealer to see what the issue is. There may be a problem with the equipment that requires a professional fix.

If your hot tub water is cloudy and foamy, contact us today. Seaway is your one-stop-shop for hot tubs and our water experts will determine the cause of your tub’s problem right away.

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