Why a Hot Tub Might Be a Great Investment

There’s a lot to be said for owning a hot tub – and it goes far beyond having a tall glass of champagne in the relaxing waters. It’s true that for many it may be a novelty for the home, but for many others it’s a serious investment for stress relief and health issues. The most important thing to remember with hot tubs is the relationship between the cost investment and the quality of the product. Like most other purchases, there is a connection, and in the hot tub industry high quality does pay off.

A good investment begins by finding a good dealer – one that sells and installs high quality hot tubs and also provides customer backup with a sound warranty. And while there are probably online deals that look amazing, is this really a credible way to start investing in a hot tub? This is a time to purchase an established, brand name product with a reputation for high quality and long-term performance. Indeed, “long-term” is the operative word here – it translates into the best investment.

There’s much to be said for choosing a reputable hot tub dealer. Clearly there will be personal service and personal attention, especially when a purchase is taking place. But there’s more – good dealers warranty their hot tubs, guarantee their installations, and provide good after market service. They know their product line-up, but more importantly, they can advise a homeowner on the options that would be best suited. A good dealer fully understands that a hot tub is a big investment.

According to industry statistics, a high quality, brand name hot tub tends to have less depreciation over the years, and may even have a better trade-in value, in the event that selling and upgrading is planned. In fact, in terms of real estate value, a quality hot tub (just like a quality appliance) could easily add potential value. But regardless of scenario, most hot tubs are portable, can be dismantled, and then reassembled in a new locale – this is also an important part of the investment.

A good investment should also include benefits that are beyond dollars and cents. For many, the hot tub is a relaxing environment that provides stress relief. More than that, hot tubs can be therapeutic, and hot tub hydrotherapy can be instrumental in dealing with pain relief or muscle tension. Whatever the ailment, hot tubs provide measurable relief – with the hot water, the buoyancy, and the pressure jets working as a combined therapy. These are benefits that can’t be measured in dollars.

As an industry leader, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs provides homeowners with products and services that will make for a good investment. Selling and installing brand names like Beachcomber™ makes a big difference – they all come with solid warranties, and without any of the “fine print” limitations that are common in the industry. And when it comes to installation and service, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can manage everything from full installs, to troubleshooting, to routine maintenance.

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