Where to Locate a Hot Tub in the Backyard

When considering location for a hot tub, it’s worth being proactive – in other words, putting some thought into the decision. And it’s worth considering everything from aesthetics, to electricity, to the ground (where applicable). In general, the hot tub will be something of a focal point, and that means considering the aesthetic appeal of the location. At the same time, practical considerations are important, like proximity to the house, to a patio door, or even to a patio walkout.

Proximity to the house is obviously a convenience for residents, but it also makes sense in terms of access to plumbing and electricity. And it will make a big difference in terms of installation costs for plumbing and electricity. For those preparing ground so that the hot tub is freestanding, the most critical thing is to create level ground. This could get somewhat involved, especially if a concrete pad is required. These types of installs are best left for someone with expertise.

For those deciding to install a hot tub directly on a patio or deck, the important thing is to ensure that the surface can withstand the full weight of the tub. But beyond anything else, location and placement tends to permanent, so decisions should be well thought out. Here, a reputable hot tub dealer can be valuable in recommending different scenarios, comparing costs, and even coming up with new ideas. Again, there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help on this project.

Close proximity for convenience and comfort

There’s much to be said for having the hot tub just steps away from the house. And while the backyard might look as good, closer is better. Not only that, it’s a very good idea to be close to a washroom, and for a number of good reasons.

Consider the aesthetics and the environment

A hot tub will enhance the look of any backyard or patio. But there’s also the overall environment – outdoor lighting and background music could be a nice touch. As well, shrubbery, potted plants, and hanging flower baskets are ideal for mood.

Create a solid foundation and a finished look

A solid foundation is a pre-requisite for any hot tub, whether on the ground, on a wooden deck, or on patio stones. Where possible, the ideal is to fully integrate the hot tub with everything else, and create a seamless and finished appearance.

For many, creating privacy may be a priority

Privacy for a hot tub may be a priority, and for a number of reasons. Here, an overhead covering or extendable canopy might do. In other cases, a lattice fence-divider might be the answer. And in some scenarios, flowers or shrubs might do.

Technically speaking, none of this work is particularly challenging. And while the DIY enthusiast might save some cash doing the work, it’s the professional touch that will ensure the best long-term outcomes. Hot tub specialists like Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs can guarantee that everything is good to go – from tub placement, to plumbing hookups, to safe electrical.

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