When is the Right Time to Close the Swimming Pool?

There are no hard and fast rules for closing the swimming pool for the season. What’s good for pool owners in Victoria, British Columbia, or the Okanagan, isn’t going to be suitable for the folks in Ottawa or Montreal. And that’s primarily because of the weather. Closing the pool shouldn’t be about what’s convenient for the pool owner – it should be about proper timing. Closing down too early, for example, may be pushing the limits of the winterizing chemicals that are being used.

Timing is essential to a swimming pool closing – it allows winterizing chemicals to perform, and it prevents algae from growing and spreading. The whole idea here is to set things up properly so that the pool opening next season is hassle-free. In general, if the weather remains warm (and is forecasted to stay warm) the pool can stay open and continue to be regularly maintained. When the water temperature starts to go below 18°C (65°F) it’s time to start planning a closing.

As part of the closing protocol, its highly recommended to get the swimming pool water tested by a professional – likely the same company that installed the pool or provides maintenance. This will ensure that the CORRECT winterizing chemicals go into the pool, and the EXACT amounts. Pool owners can easily handle a pool closing personally, as long as manufacturer instructions are followed, and product specifications are observed. Again, the idea is set up for an easy opening.

For pool owners who prefer a DIY approach to pool closing, it’s still important to follow proper protocol – taking shortcuts or looking for quick fixes will only bring problems next season. Even with the DIY approach, there are tools and supplies that will be required, and here again, working with a pool company has advantages. A good pool company will have all the supplies required, as well as valuable advice and assistance – everything from winterization kits to winter chemicals.

Timing aside, the advantages of working with pool professionals shouldn’t be underestimated. A reliable and established pool company will be ready to support the DIY enthusiast and ready to provide full pool closing service. The bottom line is to close the pool properly, because a good closing will translate into a good opening in the spring. Indeed, some of the pool companies offer pool-closing workshops that are ideal for new pool owners and veteran owners alike.

Closing the pool for the season shouldn’t be a hassle. In all likelihood, the swimming season was spectacular, and of course, everyone is looking forward to next season. But if the prospect of pool closing is daunting, or if there’s just not enough time to do it all, hiring a professional contractor does have benefits. The professionals have the experience and expertise with different pools and different equipment, and clearly have the tools and supplies to expedite a quality closing.

The big advantage with a pool closing service, of course, is that the entire process is handled from end to end – everything from water analysis, to winterizing chemicals, to pool covers, to proper equipment protection. And while it may be at a cost, for some pool owners its well worthwhile.

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