What Causes Cloudy Pool Water and How to Fix It

You’ve already cleaned your pool tiles and filtered out all the debris. At this point you believe you’ve done everything to make your pool as clean as it can be, but your pool water is still cloudy. Not only is having cloudy pool water aesthetically unpleasant, it can also indicate more serious issues with your pool water. Don’t worry! There’s ways to manage the cloudiness of your water. As well, so you’re aware, cloudy waters may appear in even in the most well managed pools. As soon as you identify the root of the problem, your pool will return to its pristine condition in no time.

There are several possibilities that may lead to the cloudiness of your pool water including the surrounding environment, pool chemicals, pool filtration, and pool shocking. Your pool is very sensitive, so anything from the weather, to people, to birds, to algae can cause your pool water to be muddled. An imbalance of pool chemicals such as high alkalinity, high/low chlorine levels, high pH, and high calcium hardness levels is also a major problem. Also make sure to check your filtration system, and make sure it’s cleaned or backwashed. If anything is broken, replace it. Pool shocking can sometimes cause your pool water to turn cloudy if you aren’t using a high quality pool shocking brand. It can in some cases quickly clear up on its own, as long as you keep your filter running. Cheaper brands often have this problem, so consider looking into a new brand of pool shock.

To diagnose the source of your cloudy pool waters, get a pool test kit to measure the chemical levels in your pool. Don’t go for the cheaper options that only test for pH and chlorine levels. Invest a little bit more and get a more comprehensive and accurate analysis. You should also inspect the colours of your water. If it appears green, then your pool is contaminated biologically and you should stop using your pool immediately.
Your pool filters are essential in clearing the buildup of dirt and particles in your pool. Check if there are any malfunctions with the filter and replace it if necessary. If you haven’t already cleaned the floors and walls of your pool, you should do so, and then leave the pool filter on for 8-12 hours to remove any leftover debris and flotsam .

Now that you’ve identified the cause of your cloudy pool water, it’s time to clear your water. In order to keep your pool water pristine, it should be treated regularly on a weekly or biweekly basis with a pool clarifier. Ask if the chemical is a coagulant. Coagulants are great at forming bigger particles from the tiny particles in your pool that make your pool water cloudy so that it’s easy for you to pick them up. If all fails, consult a professional for further procedures.

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