Warm Water Works Wonders on Joint Pain

Joint pain and arthritis affect people of all ages. No matter if you’re entering your golden years or right in the middle of your twenties, the stiffness and pain in our joints can be quite uncomfortable. You can spend money on weekly massages and over-the-counter pain medication to help quell the discomfort or you can invest in a hot tub. Why? Because hot tubs relieve joint pain through warm water therapy.

What is warm water therapy?

Warm water therapy is an ancient form of treatment that is used to help with musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain. Furthermore, warm water therapy is perfect for those who are highly stressed. Stress can contribute to joint pain, making existing conditions like arthritis feel like they’re amplified. Hot tubs relieve joint pain and the feeling of total bliss continues long after you’ve finished soaking, keeping you in a relaxed state for hours. Many athletes use warm water therapy after a vigorous workout or reduce joint pain with hot tub therapygame. It keeps them limber for their next game or workout and allows their muscles and joints a chance to recuperate.

How do hot tubs relieve joint pain?

By soaking in warm water, the force of gravity that is compressing your joints and making them stiff and painful is greatly reduced. You also get the benefits of 360-degree support for your aching limbs, and a reduction in inflammation and swelling. Moreover, sitting in a hot tub increases your circulation, making sure enough blood and oxygen flows through your entire body. It’s important to mind the water’s temperature. You should keep your hot tub between 92 and 100 degrees otherwise you’ll be putting too much stress on your heart. When water is too hot it can create cardiovascular problems and aggravate conditions like asthma.

Stay hydrated and watch the clock

Hot tubs relieve joint pain, but you must keep yourself hydrated. Many people forget to drink water before and after taking a relaxing soak; however, this is probably the most important part of warm water therapy. When we’re dehydrated, our muscles have to work harder to regenerate and our joints will have a tough time becoming less stiff. You should also keep your soaking time to 20 minutes once or twice per day. The best times to soak are before you start your day or right before you go to bed A morning soak will invigorate you while an evening soak will help you drift into a peaceful sleep. Some physicians go even further and say you should stretch after your stint in the hot tub to really stimulate your joints and muscles. But, please check with your doctor or physiotherapist for proper stretching techniques. You don’t want to accidentally stretch the wrong way and erase all the good that was gained from your soak.

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