Upgrading Your in Ground Pool With a New Vinyl Pool Liner

Replacing an old swimming pool liner with a brand new vinyl pool liner can change the aesthetic appearance of a swimming pool like nothing else. Whether it’s a traditional pattern or something more unique and striking, a new vinyl pool liner can be one of the best investments a pool owner can make. Today, there are patterns and colours and designs to suit even the most discriminating of customers. In fact, a vinyl pool liner can be matched with the surrounding deck, the landscaping, or even the design elements of the home. It’s completely up to one’s individual imagination.

Depending on the fabrication and quality, a conventional pool liner (even a vinyl pool liner) will age with time. But today, with technology improvements and product enhancements, a vinyl pool liner will have a much longer lifespan than in past years. State-of-the-art materials make for a vinyl pool liner that is hardy, resilient and long lasting, especially in some of the harsher climate zones across Canada. And because of the maintenance-free aspect of a new vinyl pool liner, there’s no need for any re-painting or re-plastering like some of the other swimming pool constructions.

Regardless of the size or shape of the swimming pool, a vinyl pool liner can be custom designed and manufactured to fit. It means that the options are virtually unlimited in terms of custom fitting, and it means that there’s never a problem fabricating a vinyl pool liner for pool owners with specific size requisites. For example, with a proprietary product like the Kafko™ True-Fit® vinyl pool liner, both new pools and existing pools can be fitted perfectly each time. These pool liners are computer designed, and precision manufactured to ensure a precise fit for every replacement vinyl pool liner.

These days, a new vinyl pool liner will fit the pool so perfectly that is looks like it’s “painted on”. And with modern, computer-aided equipment, a replacement vinyl pool liner will fit the swimming pool “like a glove”. The finished product is sleek and beautiful to look at – it enhances the aesthetic look of the pool and water at the same time. As well, a better-quality vinyl pool liner comprises special “algae inhibitors” and “UV inhibitors” in order to protect it against weather deterioration, untimely sun damage, and unwelcome fading. A good vinyl pool liner will have a long lifespan.

The truth is, even the best vinyl pool liner can be damaged. But a top-quality vinyl pool liner can be repaired, even after damage. It can be suitably “patched”, using manufacturer-supplied vinyl, and can be restored with an almost “invisible repair”. All of this, of course, requires the expertise of a professional who has the right experience to repair and restore a vinyl pool liner. Simply put, it’s the pool professional with the knowledge and tools who can do the job right the first time. And like anything else, it’s a quality approach that delivers the best results.

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