Ultimate Hot Tub Cover Purchase Guide for Winter

As the mercury dips in the barometer and snow piles up on our driveways, we know it’s that time to start accepting that winter is really, truly, here. Winter maintenance comes in many forms both inside and around the house. But it’s always crucial to remember your hot tub when completing your winter prep work. We have a few tips and tricks on how to prepare your hot tub for winter and get it fully winterized this season.

Hot tubs can and should be used year-round. Snow or shine, the hot tub is a great way to kick back, relax and de-stress – especially during the coldest of days. Since your hot tub is designed and crafted for year-round use (regardless of colder climates and frigid temperatures) you’ll want to make access to your hot tub as clear as possible in the winter. Make sure you shovel the path to your tub well, and wear warm clothes and shoes on your way to your tub.

The right hot tub cover will keep your hot tub well-insulated all winter long

With the right hot tub cover or winter blanket, you can keep your hot tub well-insulated and expand the life of your hot tub in the process. By keeping your hot tub well-insulated between use, you are ensuring the compartments and internal workings of your hot tub are protected from the freezing weather we get in Canada. The result can ensure maximum energy efficiency too. But what to look for when choosing the right hot tub cover?

beachcomber hot tub covers different sizes colours

Understandably, a hot tub cover is one of the most important components for ensuring energy efficiency. At the same time, the hot tub cover has to be easy to close, easy to remove, and hassle free. That’s why Beachcomber Hot Tubs offers such a wide selection of hot tub covers and removal systems. Beachcomber hot tub covers are available in a variety of sizes and colours. With FIVE sizes and FOUR colours, these high quality hot tub covers are designed to fit and match Beachcomber’s cabinetry. After all, a hot tub should blend nicely into the backyard environment.

State-of-the-art hot tub covers can be manufactured using a variety of high- quality vinyls that are perfect for outdoor use. They can be custom made to fit your hot tub to keep it well insulated and secure. Find the best material within your budget to withstand the harshest of cold climates. You will also want to look for a hot tub cover that can withstand loads of heavy snow (we know this is inevitable with Canadian winters). High-quality materials can withstand potential wear and tear this season.

What makes the Beachcomber hot tub cover great?

Every Beachcomber Heatshield hot tub cover is built with quality in mind. These are the only hot tub covers made in Canada, with highest technology, and with energy efficiency at the forefront.

Vacuum seal design

The tight seal between the lip of the hot tub and the cover prevents air and moisture from entering or escaping. This airtight seal ensures maximum conservation of valuable heat.

Marine-grade vinyl skin

Highly durable, the Heatshield hot tub cover is mildew proof and UV-ray resistant. In addition, the marine-grade zippers and the poly-thread stitching guarantee longevity in every season.

Reinforced centre seam

Beachcomber covers are lightweight and corrosion proof. The structural integrity of the cover is assured for the life of the cover, and under all weather conditions (even under heavy snow).

Heat-sealed insulation

To ensure durability and longevity, every Beachcomber cover is made of high-density foam, and then heat-sealed in a moisture barrier. This feature is designed to maximize heat retention.

Centre seam seal

The “continuous heat bumper seal” runs along the entire length of the hot tub cover’s hinge, thus preventing heat loss, locking in hot steam, and maximizing the energy efficiency of the hot tub.

UL certified for safety

Heatshield hot tub covers are UL certified for performance and safety. Beachcomber is the only Canadian manufacturer of hot tub covers to fully comply with these strict safety standards.

Lockdown Straps

For safety and security, four lockdown straps prevent any entry by children, intruders, and even pets. The lockdown system also offers protection in open areas where high wind is a problem.

Reinforced handles

For maximum strength and durability, the hot tub cover handles are made of industrial strength, marine-grade vinyl with reinforced stitching – it’s a sign of top quality construction and design.

Custom Perimeter Skirt

Tightly wrapped around the hot tub, an airtight seal ensures maximum energy efficiency, while protecting against dirt, dust, and contaminants. Best of all, the covered hot tub is beautiful.

Finding the right cover for your Beachcomber Hot Tub

With a 2-year guarantee on all covers, hot tub owners can rest assured of many years of satisfaction. Heatshield hot tub covers are available in FIVE sizes and FOUR colours.

  • Midnight Blue
  • Tan
  • Steel
  • Jade

How to choose the correct size of cover?

To determine the correct size of cover required, it’s important to identify the Beachcomber ID PLATE (on the front side of the hot tub, at the bottom left or right hand corner). For the fold, choose either a STANDARD fold or OPPOSITE fold for the cover. STANDARD folds run in the middle of the longest dimension of the cover. OPPOSITE folds are in the middle of the shortest dimension of the cover. Square design hot tubs have only the STANDARD option.

When we do get the white stuff, it’s important to regularly brush and clear off any snow from your cover. This helps expands the life of your hot tub cover and reduce any signs of cracking, sagging or tearing. Even if you plan a vacation and will be away from your hot tub for extended periods of time, regular maintenance is important. The correct hot tub cover that’s the best match for your tub will help with the longevity of your equipment, so make sure you choose the right one with the help of a professional.

Let the hot tub experts help you chose the right cover

You can always speak with a Seaway Pool & Tubs expert to get help choosing the best cover for your tub. We will find the best covers that work within your budget in order to maintain your hot tub during the winter and keep it well insulated and secure from frigid temperatures. For more tips on how to prepare your hot tub for the winter months, speak with one of our experts today, You can give us a call at (905) 294-8030, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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