Top Reasons To Heat Your Swimming Pool This Winter

If you have a pool, chances are you’ve ran into situations where you jumped into the pool only to find yourself surrounded by freezing cold water. A heated pool provides the perfect alternative. You get to enjoy your pool year-round and you will no longer quiver and shake underwater. If you’re worried about soaring electric bills, don’t miss out on the fun by being overly concerned about the extra costs. There are ways you can minimize these costs so that they’re reasonable within your budget. By simply adding a pool heater, the swimming season will be prolonged and you will have a greater return on your investment in a pool for your home, because you’ll be able to enjoy it year-round.

There are several ways for you to heat your swimming pool. Natural gas is most commonly used because it’s relatively low cost, reliable, and easy to operate. In areas where natural gases cannot be provided, oil-fired pool heaters are sometimes installed. Electric heaters also provide another alternative, but they are rarely considered because of high costs and low efficiency, unless they are completely powered by hydroelectricity. A recent popular trend is solar heating, which varies from solar covers to solar heat. Once installed, solar covers maintain pool temperatures by retaining solar heat and protecting the heat from escaping. Another method is to invest in solar collector panels, which will retain additional solar energy.

Lots of health benefits come with heating your swimming pool. Swimming is one of the easiest, most efficient cardiovascular exercises. Anyone can swim, from small children to seniors who suffer from arthritis. By heating your swimming pool, you and your family will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle for longer periods of time. Pools that are too cold may also be alarming for young children and the elderly, who may catch respiratory infections from repeated chilling. Warm waters also have therapeutic effects. You can transform your pool into a hot tub for hydrotherapy and set it at 32°C and above.

Aside from the health benefits, swimming also provides the perfect opportunity to have fun with your family and friends. If you’re too busy this winter to take your family out on vacation, you can plan for a mini vacation right in your own home! Decorate your pool into a tropical island, throw on some shades, turn on some music, and enjoy! Ever been to an amazing summer pool party? You can host your own in the winter too with a heated swimming pool. It will probably ignite more excitement from the crowd as your guests forget about the cold, stormy weather outside.

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