A Soak Gone Wrong: Is It Time to Replace Your Hot Tub?

Are you a spa lover who often soaks in your hot tub? Then, be aware and pay attention to your tub’s conditions. While a good soak could help you relax and clear your mind, unsanitary water in your hot tub could pose multiple health threats. A hot tub that cannot maintain its temperature well could also cause minor burns. Additionally, a hot tub that cannot produce enough current will not offer a good experience for its users. Thus, it is always best to regularly check your hot tub’s condition to protect your health and safety. This post will provide you with a few essential points that will help you to determine whether your hot tub needs a repair or replacement.
The best indication that your hot tub might need a replacement is when it constantly needs a repair from a professional. It could be anything from a broken filter to a jet problem to a failing heating system. Depending on the part that is broken, constant repairs could be extremely costly; in fact, replacing a broken hot tub with a new one could be much more economical than constantly fixing it. Below are some of the most common problems that clearly indicate that it is time to replace your hot tub:

– Structural Damage

If your hot tub is often suffering from any side leakage or cracked bottom, then it is time to consider a near future replacement. A structural damage on your tub could lead to a serious injury when the user is not paying close attention. For example, side leakage will not only cause discomfort to the user (as it will waste a lot of water), it could cause a slip to an unsuspecting passerby. Similarly, a cracked bottom could cause someone who is soaking inside the tub to fall or injure their feet.

– Electrical Problems

These could range from wiring, fuses, thermostat, to circuit breaker problems. When facing an electrical problem ─ especially a circuit breaker, you will need to call in a professional electrician. In some cases, you might also find a broken spa controller where you won’t be able to set your pump and blower. Recurring electrical problems indicate that you might need to replace your hot tub as they could lead to serious health hazards, including electrocution and accidental fire.

– Faulty Jet or Tub Pump

Your hot tub’s jet or tub pump are used to maintain your water pressure and flow. If you find that the water flow in your tub is not proper, then it is best to investigate the main roots. While a broken jet or a detaching tub pump could sometimes be easily fixed, faultiness that is rooted from other more serious causes such as damaged structures or eroded electrical parts could indicate that you need to replace your hot tub.
At Seaway Pools & Tubs, we understand that many of these indicators could be hidden out of sight for a while. If you are encountering any of the problems mentioned, it is best to have your professional tub installer do a thorough check-up to prevent further damages and to avoid putting your health at risk. For more information, feel free to call us at 905-294-8030 or email us at online@seawaytubsnpools.com.

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