This Winter, Take Advantage of Every Hot Tub Health Benefit

Soaking in a hot tub in the middle of winter is an amazing experience. The cool outside air, in contrast with the hot, bubbling water, invigorates and revitalizes. Best of all, the power water jets soothe muscles and relieve stress. For many, it’s a picture postcard – relaxing in the steaming hot water while snowflakes fall. For others, it’s about enjoying every other hot tub health benefit.

Beating those winter blues – another hot tub health benefit

With colder weather, and much less sunshine, the winter blues affect everyone to some degree. But with a hot tub in the backyard, beating the winter blues comes easy – it’s the perfect recipe for rest and relaxation – and it’s only steps away from the back door. A hot tub can definitely make the winter more bearable, whether it’s an after-work dip or more serious weekend soak.

For some, winter can really take a toll, particularly for those who are vulnerable to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). With a hot tub, there’s more opportunity to get outdoors and more chance to get a dose of fresh air. This has proven to be one of the “antidotes” when dealing with the gloom and fatigue of SAD. While not an outright cure, hot tubbing can do a lot in alleviating symptoms.

Fighting a winter cold or flu – the ideal hot tub health benefit

Needless to say, colds and flu are a common occurrence in winter. Once a cold has hit, however, there’s not much to do but get relief, and here, the hot water and steamy air of a hot tub can really provide help. Nasal passages and swollen mucus membranes are effectively relieved in a hot tub environment, while a good nighttime soak makes way for much needed sleep and recovery.

With a head cold or flu, a hot tub soak will raise body temperature and generate sweating that eliminates toxins. Sweating actually helps to detoxify, while reducing many of the uncomfortable symptoms. Quite often, a good hot tub soak will do more than cold medication or nasal spray. But it’s not a cure-all, and hot tubbers should make sure that serious conditions are monitored.

Soothing sore aching muscles – one more hot tub health benefit

Hot tub water does wonders with joint pain and sore muscles. Because the body is floating, the pull of gravity is lessened, and there is less physical stress on the body. Soaking in hot water is one of the oldest known therapies for joint pain and muscle aches. And it’s an ideal environment for stretching out sore muscles, just one more hot tub health benefit for flexibility and stiffness.

The sheer warmth of hot tub water has proven to stimulate blood flow and boost circulation. Here again, a good soak will do wonders for low back pain, bruised muscles, and even complex inflammation. The best part of the hot tub, of course, is the hydrotherapy jets – they oscillate and pulsate, providing instant massage therapy for different muscle groups and body joints.

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