This Fall – Hot Trends for Hot Tubs

Fall has truly become hot tub season, and every year, manufacturers make improvements and enhancements to their product lines. As always, new technology makes way for innovative features – some of them useful and practical, some of them luxury add-ons. Whatever the features, hot tubs are much easier to maintain these days, and have many more benefits than in previous years. Probably the most important improvements focus on energy efficiency.

Everyone has a different priority for their hot tub. For some, hot tubs are a welcome retreat; for others it’s all about entertaining; and for others it’s about therapeutic benefits. Not every homeowner will have their hot tub fully loaded with features, but where budgets permit, there are a host of innovative “bells and whistles” to enhance the experience. And with a reputable dealer, it’s possible to choose the right combination of features to suit lifestyle and budget.

Increased Energy Efficiency Technology

Energy efficiency is about being BOTH eco-friendly AND minimizing utility costs. Its important to the consumer, and manufacturers have responded. An energy efficient hot tub contributes positively to a homeowner’s “environmental footprint” while delivering measurable savings on gas and electricity. Today, hot tub owners can monitor their energy consumption and can better control utility usage. As well, automated temperature controls allow for more efficient operation of heating appliances. Finally, improved hot tub covers ensure that unwanted heat loss is reduced – another aspect of energy efficiency that results in cost savings.

Automated Water Treatment Equipment

Water management (and treatment) is usually a hassle for hot tub and swimming pool owners. But with advances in equipment design, water management has become automated, and much less of a hassle. Today, hot tubs can be equipped with chlorine generators, automatic water testers, even “dosing” mechanisms to treat the water automatically. Naturally, this automation makes everything easier, but as well, water quality is better balanced and the hot tub stays clean and hygienic throughout the season. Best of all, with high-tech computerization, it can all be managed and monitored with an Internet connection (or even a smartphone).

Health and Therapeutic Advancements

Today’s hot tubs provide genuine hydrotherapy massage. And water massage is known to improve circulation, minimize joint pain, and bring therapeutic benefit to the body. High-tech water jets make it possible to strategically target parts of the body for maximum effect. And in some better-designed hot tubs, seating is also strategic, allowing for the entire body to experience the full effects of hydrotherapy massage. For homeowners who really want to create a spa environment, colored lights can create an atmosphere that is relaxing and rejuvenating. Not to mention the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy, where natural oils are mixed with hot tub water.

High technology or not, purchasing a new hot tub can get challenging. That’s why Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs makes an effort to help customers select the right hot tub – the one that’s right for your lifestyle, your family, and your budget. Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs sells high quality hot tubs; provides superior installation services; and delivers customer service that is hard to match.

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