The Benefits of a Short Morning Swim

All things considered, the benefits of swimming are quite extensive, regardless of where or when. Many health professionals consider swimming to be the perfect exercise. It’s possible at any age, at any stage of life, and whatever the physical condition. Swimming is actually a unique physical activity – it makes use of many natural movements of the body within a water environment. At the very least, swimming is ideal for building strength; trimming weight; and improving cardio.

As for the morning swim, nothing comes close to the energy boost and endorphin rush. For some, it’s like starting up the “inner engine” for a perfect beginning to the day. For others, a morning swim is the ideal time for meditation. Its not the typical yoga meditation, but still allows for self-assessment in a personal environment. Not to forget, a morning swim comes with physiological benefits, especially for those who are trying to get back into shape, or improving performance.

Swimming is a total body workout

Swimming works out the entire body from top to bottom. It serves to improve muscle strength, physical flexibility, and body posture. And all the while, calories are burning. Swimming is also excellent for the cardiovascular system, circulating oxygen, and boosting blood flow to both heart and lungs. Swimming is one of the best for building heart muscle and optimizing circulation.

Building muscle strength and tone

Swimming is an ideal workout for the upper body because the movements incorporate all major muscles. In fact, the different strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, etc.) can even be used to target specific parts of the body. Overall, with so many muscle groups being engaged, swimming is truly the complete workout. It’s also an ideal post-workout regimen, as it helps muscles to recover.

Swimming has a low risk of injury

By far, one of the best things about swimming is that there’s no pressure exerted on bones and joints. It makes a big difference compared to other exercises or workouts. Indeed, the buoyancy of swimming makes it very safe, because it “lowers” body weight in comparison to land weight. In fact, the water actually gives support to the body, reducing the risk of injury substantially.

A good approach to losing weight

Because swimming burns calories, a typical swimmer can burn the same calories in an hour as a runner burns after six miles. Calorie counting aside, swimming is only one element of weight loss. And depending on the intensity of the swimming regime, results will vary. Whether it’s a morning swim or night, weight loss should be considered part of an overall approach to wellbeing.

There are psychological benefits

Swimming actually contributes to stress reduction. The act of controlled breathing allows for better oxygen circulation, which has a noticeable relaxation effect, very much like a meditation. The early morning swim, and the soothing rhythm of the strokes, combines for a sense of healing that launches the day. Nobody merges from a swim session more stressed than they began.

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