The Benefits of a Backyard Pool Outweigh The Costs

A backyard swimming pool is similar to a never-ending vacation – it’s always there, summer after summer – and a source of fun for everyone, of every age. Whether it’s being used for recreational swimming, health and exercise, or just relaxation, the benefits of a backyard pool outweigh the costs. Best of all, there’s always anticipation for the next dip.For many pool owners, swimming already begins on the first long weekend of summer, providing enjoyment right through to September. And once the season has started, the pool becomes a seven-day experience. For the kids it’s all about the fun, and for the adults it’s all about relaxation after a long day. It becomes a focus for family, friends, and neighbours.

Beyond therectangle swimming pool design seaway pools “fun and games” over the weekend, a swimming pool has many other benefits for a family. This is a great environment for young children learning to swim. For adults and seniors, it’s an excellent outlet for maintaining health and fitness. And finally, it’s an ideal setting for a BBQ. Very quickly, the benefits of a backyard pool outweigh the costs.

Backyard swimming pools have a way of creating an atmosphere of fun. But the best part is that everyone looks forward to doing it again the next time. The truth is, even with all of the responsibilities and maintenance, the benefits of a backyard pool outweigh the costs of operation. The pure enjoyment will make it much appreciated summer after summer.

A Swimming Pool Is A Luxury, But The Benefits Make It Worthwhile

For most, a swimming pool is certainly a luxury. But for everyone, and especially over the long-term, there’s great value in the original investment, and many years of payback. For those who enjoy the added luxuries, a backyard pool can quickly become the ultimate outdoor environment – with lighting and sound systems that simply dazzle the night.

Backyard pools are simply the best for entertaining. With fabulous landscaping, relaxing outdoor furniture, and a convenient open-air kitchen, it’s the definition of the good life. This is the perfect backdrop for an afternoon swimming get-together with friends, an intimate family BBQ, even a full-out wedding that everyone will remember for years.

The truth is, swimming pool enjoyment is available even when the pool environment isn’t lavishly luxurious. Homeowners have many options when it comes to shape, size, and layout – and there are many construction options that will maintain a homeowner’s budget. And while care and maintenance are also budgetary, there is always a smart approach.

Proper Swimming Pool Maintenance Is Absolutely Necessary

beautiful pool rock waterfall seaawy poolsAlong with the benefits of a backyard pool, there are also responsibilities. And here, proper care and maintenance will pay off in both the short term and the long term. Providing the appropriate seasonal maintenance is key to success, whether it’s managed by a service company, or handled personally by the homeowner. Lack of maintenance will be costly.

Swimming pool maintenance is a matter of commitment, but with planning and discipline, things actually become more manageable, and maintenance costs can even be reduced. Like any type of maintenance, pool maintenance is all about prevention – it’s about doing the small things over and over again, in order to prevent the big problems from arising.

Proper Pool Chemical Balance

Maintaining proper pool chemical balance is fundamental for every pool owner. It’s about testing the water, adjusting the chemicals, and keeping an eye on conditions.

Cleaning The Swimming Pool

Daily pool cleaning is the ideal maintenance approach. Removing dirt and debris is key to keeping equipment well maintained. Skimming also helps chemical balance.

Topping Up Pool Chemicals

Pool experts suggest that topping up chemicals at night saves about 50% on the cost. It’s because sunshine can compromise chemical performance (like the chlorine).

Maintaining The Equipment

Equipment, parts, and accessories will all last longer when they are well maintained. It allows for a longer lifespan on all pool equipment, and reduced costs long term.

Reducing Leaves/Branches

Leaves and branches are problematic for both chemical balance and filter obstruction.  The best approach is prevention, and here, cutting away everything is the best way.

Water Filter Maintenance

Clogged water filters are preventable with a just little maintenance. And while regular cleaning is required, it’s also important to ensure there are never obstructions.

Heating the pool smartly

Swim time can be easily planned ahead of time. Where it’s possible, the pool thermostat should be lower when the pool isn’t being used (it saves big on energy costs).

LED Lighting Is Efficient

When it’s time to retrofit, replacing lighting with LED components is energy efficient and cost saving. LED lighting will also last much longer than conventional lighting.

Solar Heating Systems

Natural gas and electric are utilities that cost much more than solar. Solar heating will provide long-term cost savings that will quickly “pay down” the initial costs.

Installing a Pool Cover

Swimming pool covers are the most efficient way to lower maintenance costs. A good pool cover will reduce heating costs, cleaning costs, and chemical costs in one shot.

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