Pool cover for the winter from Seaway.

The Right Time to Close Your Pool for the Winter

If you’re wondering when the right time to close your pool for the winter, there are a number of considerations to think about. Clearly, what’s suitable for the homeowner in Vancouver is not going to be suitable for the homeowner in Montreal. The common denominator for every pool owner will be the weather – and […]

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5 Pool Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

If you’re currently shopping around for a swimming pool, here are some pool designs that will make your jaw drop. After all, you’re trying to make your pool dreams come true – so why not get exactly what you want. These are fabulous pool options that will give you plenty to think about.       

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Shopping For a Swimming Pool in Lawrence Park with Seaway

If you’re currently shopping around for a swimming pool, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs is worth considering. As established pool builders in Lawrence Park, we’ve been in business for over 35 years, having installed thousands of swimming pools throughout the GTA. In fact, we’ve won numerous awards for our work, and have become known for […]

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Seaway: Pool Builders in Forest Hill

When looking for quality pool builders in Forest Hill, you need to do your research. However, we guarantee that your research for pool builders in Forest Hill will end with us. At Seaway, we value our customers and want them to have the pool of their dreams.

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How To Find The Best Swimming Pool Contractors In Toronto

If you’re in the market for a swimming pool, then doing some homework is worth the time, work, and effort. In fact, shopping around for the right swimming pool contractor is absolutely essential in ensuring the best outcomes. At the least, you want a company that’s established, reputable, and known for quality work. But sometimes, […]

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9 Secrets Pool Companies Don’t Tell You

There are many pool companies in Ontario. How do you know which of these pool companies are going to give you the swimming pool of your dreams and which one is going to leave you stranded in the deep end?

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8 Reasons to Build Your Pool in the Fall

The leaves are changing and there’s a crisp pumpkin spice essence in the air. Fall is upon us and what better time than now to have your dream swimming pool installed. Many people assume that pool construction must be done in the summer. However, having your pool built in the fall has many benefits.

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Here are Some Tips for Properly Closing a Pool for the Season

The truth is, there are no “industry rules” for closing up a swimming pool after the summer. Clearly, closing a pool for the season is going to be different depending on what region in Toronto you live in and what the weather is like. What industry professionals do recommend, however, is proper timing when closing […]

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Swimming Pool Companies In Toronto

When shopping around for swimming pool companies in Toronto, it’s vital to find a company that is established, reliable, and reputable. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, we appreciate that a pool is a major investment and an equally major commitment.  Our people have been designing and building pools for almost 40 years – and […]

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Seaway Pools: The Battle Between Salt-Water Pools VS Chlorine Pools

Salt-water pool or chlorine pool…that is the question. Many people debate the two when investing in a backyard swimming pool. Here are some facts and information regarding them both. The final decision is up to you.

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