How Swimming Reduces Depression

Swimming pools are great for family fun, but aside from their recreational use, they can also help maintain physical and mental health. Hydrotherapy has long been celebrated as a way to cure aching muscles, but recently water therapy has also been discovered to balance moods. We will be exploring below how swimming will help reduce depression. Even if you aren’t experiencing depression, swimming will help relieve stress and keep your moods and energy levels balanced. Starting your day swimming will leave you enthusiastic about the rest of the day. So hop into your backyard pool or your local swimming pool and begin your day fresh!
Depression is an illness caused by chemical imbalance in the brain. It isn’t just sadness, but many other symptoms. These symptoms vary with different patients. Some feel sad or get teary while some may feel disinterested in everything or things they found enjoyable previously. Physically people with depression may experience sudden weight loss or gain, and may even experience insomnia or oversleeping. Most feel overwhelming guilt and may often think of death and suicide. Depression is a serious condition and shouldn’t be treated lightly. Luckily, depression is curable, and swimming is one way to reduce depression.
Exercise is essential in maintaining mental health. When feeling down or overstressed, our brains send the feeling of discomfort to the rest of our bodies. Exercise stimulate serotonin and serotonin produces ANP, which is a stress-reducing hormone that is in charge of the level of anxiety and stress we feel. If we exercise, our brains produce endorphins, a chemical that help to reduce stress and lighten up the mood. Exercise has been scientifically proven to destress and relax the brain. As exercise immerses into our daily routines, our moods are balanced, sleep is improved, and tension levels are lowered.
All forms of exercise are great mood enhancers but swimming among all others is the best choice. Swimming essentially is a combination of deep breathing, muscle stretching and muscle relaxing, which deeply relaxes our bodies. Yoga also allows for the same progressive muscle relaxation. There’s also aqua yoga that can be done inside the pool. The buoyancy of the water makes us weightless in the swimming pool which is easy on the knees and other joints. So for those who didn’t exercise regularly before, there’s less possibility of sport injuries than that of running or jogging.
Although hydrotherapy has long been proven to be a mild and effective way to restore physical and mental health, it is still recommended that you consult your physician before attempting any sort of treatment. Swimming may sometimes even replace medications. Not only will you be relieved from emotional stress, you will be more fit and healthy at the same time. If you’re interested in how to enhance your pool for hydrotherapy, or looking to install a pool in your backyard, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs. Book an appointment today by calling 905-294-8030 or by sending us an email at

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