Stretching and Toning Your Body in the Hot Tub

Nothing says “relax” more than a nice evening in a hot tub after a long and stressful day, week or even month. Hot tubs are usually associated with being relaxed, and not with exercise, however, hot tubs can be a great alternative for anyone, at any age, hoping to get back or stay in shape. Surprising, right? But exercising in the water can help relieve muscle or joint pain, as well as make it easier for you to move around in ways you may not be able to do outside of the water.

Some of the most strenuous exercises that you can do on land, can be 10 times easier in the water. It is all because of the buoyancy in the water, making it easier for you to lift weights and even your body in the water. For example, an exercise that usually would be hard at the gym, such as cycle sit ups, is much easier to do while sitting on the edge on your seat in the hot tub, but you are still using the same muscles. Cycle sit ups in the hot tub are when you lean on the edge of your seat in the water, bring your legs 90 degrees, and bring them back and forth one after the other, as if you were riding a bike. This exercise helps work your abs and core, but is so much easier in the water.

Another hard exercise at the gym that is easier in the hot tub are leg raises. Because it is easier for your legs to float in the water, it is not as difficult to continuously raise and lower legs. This exercise helps work your core, your thighs and calves! Additionally, once your legs are raised, you can move your foot back and forth by stretching it as far back and as far forward as you can. This workout will help ensure your ankles, calves and thighs are toned and strong.

While working your legs in the hot tub is great, working your arms is also a great way to exercise too! A way that you can work both your core and arms is by floating over the edge of your seat in the hot tub with your hands holding the edge of the seat. From there, you can stretch your body outwards, and then bring it inwards, like a ball. This workout helps strengthen and tone your arms as well as your core.

Finally, working your arms in the hot tub is much easier than if you were in a gym. Just like your legs, the buoyancy helps give your arms a lift and stay straight. A great arm exercise that tones your muscles is to stretch your arms out horizontally, and move your hands and arms in small circle motions, bringing them up to larger circles and then back down. This will help tone your forearms as well as your biceps, giving you fantastic looking arms.

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