OMG it’s the Long Weekend!

Traditionally for us at Seaway, Our Queen’s birthday weekend marks the start of Backyard Season. A lot of people take advantage of the holiday and get the pool open. Why am I not getting an accurate salt reading at home? This is one of the most frequent questions we get from our salt water pool owners who come in to test their water after opening up their pools. The Answer: Most salt water generators require the water temperature to be at least 70-72 degrees F to get an accurate reading off the unit and in our climate it’s safe to say that none of our pools are anywhere near this temperature on opening. Especially this spring!

We’d love to see you in the store. We’ve got knowledgeable staff, offer free advice and water testing to help you get to celebrating this long weekend.  We’re open Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 11-3.


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