Some Handy Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

Whether it’s a car, or a boat, or a hot tub, proper maintenance will certainly ensure longevity. And although maintenance seems demanding and time consuming, a regular and ongoing routine will simplify the process. The truth is, a little bit of effort in the short term will bring about long term benefits. For the average hot tub owner, hot tub maintenance will not require much skill, but it’s still important to know what to do, how to do it, and when.

The Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are exposed to the sun, dirt and debris, so it’s important to use a protecting agent. It’s suggested to apply the protection on top of the cover only. The underside can be washed to remove for dirt and stains. Most hot tub covers can be left to “air dry” in the sun.

The Hot Tub Shell

The surface of a hot tub shell is non-porous. As such, dirt, dust and debris (as well as germs) can be easily wiped down with a non-abrasive cloth. There may be a product available through a local hot tub retailer, and here it’s only a matter of cost and benefit for the homeowner.

The Basic Chemicals

Although quality hot tubs incorporate water-purifying systems, there are some basic chemicals that should be added to the hot tub water. These are designed to kill germs and bacteria and will guarantee clean, hygienic water. Again, a local hot tub retailer can recommend.

Sanitizing the Water

It’s very important to monitor the chemical balance of hot tub water on a regular basis. This is where a sanitizer is used – it will ensure clear water and stable pH balance. Here, it would be wise to get advice on product options and suggested application approaches.

Cleaning the Filter

Cleaning the hot tub filter on a monthly basis is highly recommended. A broken or damaged filter should be replaced. A filter that remains dirty after being cleaned should probably be replaced. As this piece of equipment is more complex, getting expert advice is a good idea.

Without doubt, being informed as a hot tub owner will pay dividends. At the same time, having a reliable hot tub dealer on hand can also pay dividends. At Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs, retail service is at the forefront of customer support. We’ve actually won awards for our service, and routinely provide assistance and advice to our pool and hot tub customers.

As experts in the business, we stock a wide range of products in our two retail locations, and our staff is highly experienced with water chemistry. We offer FREE computerized water analysis. And for those who might need some help with their maintenance needs, we can provide weekly or bi-weekly service packages at various price levels. Beyond having knowledgeable retail staff, Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs also has a mobile service team that is available for both routine service and emergency situations. And for the typical hot tub owner, the dependability has advantages.

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