Some Common Mistakes When Building a Pool

If you are currently considering a backyard swimming pool, you’re probably on the receiving end of advice from everyone: what to do; what not to do; who to hire; who not to hire. And there are probably some dramatic horror stories as well. As for research, you can drown in all of the information – and with contractors making all kinds of claims and promises, it’s all very much a hindrance, rather than a help.

The best approach is to be well informed – not necessarily to be a know-it-all, but to be knowledgeable enough to make astute decisions. Sound decision-making will set the stage for a streamlined construction process, with reduced stress, and far fewer mistakes. Mistakes are a source of aggravation, and are costly to reverse. But it’s also important to remember that nothing is perfect, and nothing is flawless.

Mistake: not asking all the questions that are on your mind.
You are the customer and you are paying the bills – so you need to be asking every question that’s on your mind. Doing proper homework allows you to understand the ins and outs of pool construction, a good contractor will welcome your knowledge.

Mistake: too many cost estimates = too much confusion.
While it’s absolutely essential to have a number of comprehensive cost estimates for construction, too many can be confusing and can complicating. The best is to isolate three prospective contractors who you have profiled as established and reputable.

Mistake: too little effort checking a contractor’s background.
Do the work to properly assess and evaluate the contractor. Building a pool requires more than just experience and expertise. Don’t forget about credibility, integrity and reputation – and trusted references from previous customers can go a long way.

Mistake: shopping around with a focus on the lowest price.
Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. A “low-ball” price should concern you, rather than impress. Those who shop with a focus on the lowest price are setting up for disappointment. A swimming pool is not a project for bargain hunting.

Mistake: not reading contracts and agreements thoroughly.
Building a pool is a major investment, and a major undertaking. Everything must be in writing; every aspect of the project must be pre-defined; and nothing should be left for interpretation. A contract should protect YOU (as well as the contractor).

Mistake: making unwarranted assumptions without knowing.
Although being informed has advantages, do not assume that you know everything. The contractor is often subject to industry dynamics, cost constraints, and the nuances of business – a healthy dose of mutual respect will go far in a relationship.

Mistake: too much focus on aesthetics – not enough on mechanics.
It’s true – beautiful blue water and gorgeous landscaping are impressive. But not if you overlook the essential mechanics of the pool – like hydraulics, plumbing, pumps and filters – all of them most important for the overall operation of the pool.

From any perspective, swimming pool construction is a very big deal. That’s why it’s important to hire an established, reliable and reputable contractor – it can make all the difference in the world.

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