Five Signs That Your Inground Pool Needs a Repair or Replacement

Summer is passing and fall season is coming! This means we will have another few weeks to have a great time in the backyard before it gets too cold to use your pool during the winter. After using your pool during the summer, it is best to do a complete check-up on your pool condition so you can fix it in time for fall. Swimming pool requires regular check-ups and professional maintenance at least once a year. Some damages can cause permanent damage to your pool if they aren’t found and remedied within a short amount of time. This article will help you identify five signs that your inground pool might need a professional repair or even, replacement.

1. Broken or Non-Existent Vacuum Cover
Broken vacuum cover poses serious health hazard. Having a vacuum cover is mandatory as it will keep your pool safe from accidental drowning. Naturally, any drains or holes that connect to the main pool vacuum will have a strong suction power. This suction capability is especially dangerous for children as it could entrap those with lesser swimming ability to the bottom of the pool. There is a federal law that requires all drains to be covered properly.

2. Worn Out Vinyl Pool Liners
If you see that your vinyl pool liners are fading or shrinking around the edges, then it would be a good idea to replace them. It is recommended that you replace your vinyl liners every 10-15 years. When left untreated, worn out vinyl pool liner could lead to structural leak that could compromise the integrity of your pool.

3. Cracked Skimmer
Cracked skimmer is another common causes of swimming pool leaks. Skimmers can crack due to the exposure of extreme temperatures or from ground movement. If the leak caused by the cracked skimmer is minor, you might be able to patch it up. However, if the cracks are major, you might need to hire a professional to replace this part to avoid further leak.

4. Incompatible or Outdated Equipments
If your equipment is incompatible for your pool size or water types, then there would be a lot of problems that arise during regular maintenance. For example, if your filter is not up to the required size, you might experience a lot of unexplained algae blooms even when you have done everything right. Furthermore, outdated equipments could also have a lot of rust and create damaging stains into your pool. To avoid any of these scenarios, it is best to replace your pool equipments when required.

5. Main Drain Blockage
If you are experiencing slow filtering process, even with the right equipments and maintenance, the problem might come from your main drain. If your main drain is blocked or not properly placed, then you have to call in a professional to help you either replace the drain or set up a system to vacuum your pool properly. Without a main drain, your pool will have multiple complications that arise from poor water circulation.

Now that you know what signs to watch out for, make sure to follow-up with suitable actions. Do not wait until your inground pool gets damaged permanently, as it could pose serious health hazards for its users. At Seaway Pools & Tubs, we are fully committed to ensuring that your pool will be at its best conditions. Feel free to call us at 905-294-8030 or email us at for more information.

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