Shoulder and Back Pain Relief with Hot Tubbing and Hydrotherapy

Many of us suffer from constant aches and pains in our shoulders and backs. There are only so many painkillers you can take before the pain comes back. Instead of wasting your money on medication that doesn’t work, relieve shoulder pain with hydrotherapy and hot tubbing.

Why do we get shoulder and back pain?

Shoulder and back pain can happen to anyone at any time. For most of us, the culprit is our jobs. We sit in an office all day in front of a computer wreaking havoc on our posture. We may not even realize that we’re still slouching when we stand up from our desks which also contributes to shoulder and back discomfort.

Besides our jobs, there are many other causes of shoulder and back pain:

  • Bursitis which is due to the bursae (cushions between the bones and superimposing soft tissues) becoming inflamed and swelling leaving you with the inability to move your arm without pain
  • Tendinitis is caused by a worn-down tendon (the cord responsible for connecting our muscles to our bones) that splits from being overused
  • Osteoarthritis from wear and tear of the joints
  • A fractured bone that has improperly healed
  • Instability which occurs when the head of our upper arm bone is forced to move out of the shoulder’s socket due to injury or misuse, otherwise known as a dislocation
  • Strains from abusing the muscles and ligaments in the back by lifting something heavy or not bending down properly
  • Structural issues such as bulging or ruptured discs, osteoporosis, sciatica or an irregular curvature of the spine

These conditions are all treatable if you consider hydrotherapy. In order to relieve shoulder pain with hydrotherapy, you will need a hot tub. Luckily, Seaway has you covered.

How can you relieve shoulder pain with hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, also known as warm water therapy, is a treatment that goes back to ancient times. The goal of hydrotherapy is to relax the musculoskeletal system and relieve stress to get rid of pain in the back and shoulders. We all have stressors in our lives which can contribute to shoulder and back pain, couple those with conditions like arthritis or pulled muscles and we’ll find ourselves experiencing major discomfort. By soaking in a hot tub once per day, we can experience relief from pain while our stress melts away. Moreover, hot tubs reduce swelling and increase our circulation. Plus, warm water stimulates blood and oxygen flow helping us breathe better.

Soaking tips for your warm water therapy

When you relieve shoulder pain with hydrotherapy you must stay hydrated. Drink lots of water before and after you soak to ensure you don’t become dehydrated. Temperature wise, it’s important to keep your hot tub between 92 and 100 degrees otherwise it will be too hot. As for soaking time, 20 minutes twice per day is all you need to alleviate sore, aching shoulder and back muscles. Most people soak when they wake up to get a jump on their day and before they go to bed to get a restful night’s sleep.

To relieve shoulder pain with hydrotherapy, contact us today at 905-294-8030 or visit our showroom. There’s a relaxing soak in your future that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and free of shoulder and back pain.


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