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Zodiac Nature Two Claritec Replacement Cartridge


The Nature2 Claritec Mineral Purifier Cartridge is a replacement part for the Zodiac Nature2 Vessel System. Nature2 Vessel System is a water purification technology for pools that creates the clearest and purest pool water.

The Nature2 System combines the Nature2 Claritec Mineral Purifier feeder and replaceable Cartridge. You can lower the level of chlorine used by almost 80% when using Nature2. The best part? it is not powered by electricity but water flow and has no moving parts.

The Benefits of Nature2 Claritec Mineral Purifier System:

  • Minimal Chlorine - you can enjoy as low as 0.6ppm chlorine levels. A lower amount of chlorine means no more stinging and itchy eyes, dry skin, harsh odours or bleached and damaged swimwear.
  • Good Value - Nature2 Claritec Mineral Purifier system doesn't cost more. You savings you make in Chlorine balance out the cost of the Nature2 Claritec Mineral Purifier Cartridge, plus you get far superior water quality.
  • Pool Quality - the water quality you feel and see will be noticeably more enjoyable to swim in.
  • Less Maintenance - spend less time on maintenance thanks to the assist from the minerals that are dispersed to help mitigate the growth of algae and bacteria, and minimizing the chances of other potential problems.

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