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Zodiac MX6 Elite Suction Swimming Pool Cleaner


The Zodiac MX6 Elite brings the advanced cleaning action of powerful cycling scrubbing brushes for the most effective cleaning power that removes stuck-on debris, dirt, grime, and algae. Smart cleaning action enables the Zodiac MX6 to intuitively cover the walls and floors of the swimming pool for a comprehensive clean of the entire surface.

Free Delivery & Available for Curbside Pick Up - Contact for purchase.

High-power scrubbing and suction action enable smart, facilitating easy cleaning. As one of the most highly sought-after swimming pool supplies in Toronto and elsewhere in Southern Ontario, the Zodiac MX6 Elite uses X-Drive Navigation to intelligently scale and climb walls, waterlines, and the floor of your backyard swimming pool supported by its rugged track design. For optimal performance, the Flow Regular Valve maintains proper water flow while enabling energy-efficient functionality. Fit for large swimming pools to small swimming pools and plunge pools and pool pumps at various speeds.

Free Delivery & Available for Curbside Pick Up - Contact for purchase.

Cyclonic Suction - Advanced suction and rugged track climbing to enable smart and effective wall-climbing

X-Drive Navigation - Navigate in two directions for thoroughly clean the entire surface and waterline of your swimming pool

Optimized Flow Control - Control excess flow to maximize lifespan and enable performance functionality.

Low-Flow Energy Efficient Design - Set up for variable-speed for solar and 2-speed pumps.

Flex Power Turbine - Efficient functionality for smooth articulating turbine blades.

Easy Installation - Streamline transport, removal, and installation with easy-grip handle and quick connect attachment, and twist locking hose mechanism. Specifications:


The Zodiac MX6 Elite can quickly scale walls using its powerful suction technology and with the help of its rugged track design. Incorporating a Flow Regulator Valve ensures optimized flow control, leading to a more efficient clean and extended optimal performance. This ingenious Flow Regulator Valve means it can operate on a low-flow design and consume less energy. Making it the ideal pool cleaner choice for smaller pools that have two speeds or various seed pumps.


  • Pool Type: Inground & Aboveground
  • Cleaner Type: Mechanical Suction Cleaner
  • Connection: Skimmer or 1.5" Dedicated Vacuum / Suction Vacuum Line
  • Warranty :1 Year
  • Hose Type: Advanced Twist Lock Hose
  • Traction: X-Drive Technology with X-Trax
  • Pool Surface(s): Concrete, Tile, Vinyl and Fiberglass

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