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Restore the allure and lustre of your backyard swimming pool with Zap from IPG -- your all in one swimming pool oxidizer, clarifier, and accelerator. When your pool chemistry goes unbalanced, give your pool a quick Zap and get it back on track with Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs and the IPG. The tough fighting chemical pool treatment restores and refreshes your swimming pool, so you can get back in it as soon as possible.

ZAP is designed to effectively remove and eliminate unwanted organic contaminants from backyard swimming pool introduced by swimmers and external elements. Sweat and other pool contaminants alter the swimming pool water chemistry and leave pools less sanitiary for bathers. With ZAP, oxidizing and clarifying your swimming pool is easy. Perfect for quick and efficient pool water restoration, ZAP targets organic waste and debris, keeping your pH balanced and weekly maintenance regiment regulated.


ZAP is exceptionally easy-to-use, making it perfect for the new or novice swimming pool owners or the experienced maintenance technician and swimming pool conniseur.

  1. Filtration Mode: To begin ZAPping your swimming pool, switch pool filters into filtration mode by sprinkling 300g of ZAP throughout the surface of the swimming pool.
  2. Wait: For 20 minutes after distributing the ZAP, wait 20 minutes to 30 minutes, before getting into your pool as usual.

ZAP can be used as part of weekly swimming pool maintenance to keep the water clear and sparkly. Test kits should be used to assess and maintain recommended daily levels.

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