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Boxer Vinyl Pool Repair Kit


The perfect solution to a hole or leak in your pool liner.
Quickly and easily fix your vinyl pool liner by yourself using the Boxer all-in-one vinyl pool liner repair kit.

Kit Contains:

  1. Simple Instructions
  2. 2 fl ounce of Vinyl liner adhesive with applicator
  3. 130 sq Inch of Vinyl
  • Ensure all surfaces are clean.
  • Always wear goggles and a facemask when making liner repairs underwater.
  • Cut patch with round corners

For Light Gauge Vinyls and Inflatables

  • Apply adhesive to your cut patch sparingly, press firmly onto surface needing repair.
  • Dry for 24 Hours

For Underwater Repairs

  • Place adhesive on cut patch.
  • Fold patch onto itself
  • Once you have reached the damaged area, unfold patch, quickly press patch to area, ensuring to firmly squeeze out any water bubbles.
  • Leave patch untouched for 48 hours
  • It will take 4-7 days for full cure to occur.

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