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Ultra Mitt Surface Cleaner


Say goodbye to scum lines from stuck-on dirt, grime, and grease with an easy to use Ultra Mitt Surface Cleaner. Get maximum control of your cleaning as your remove dirt from the water line and walls of you backyard swimming pool. Small, but mighty the Ultra Mitt Surface Cleaner makes pool care between scheduled swimming pool maintenance easy.

The Ultra Mitt Surface cleaner is an abrasive yet gentle waterproof latex glove that covers up to 300% of the surface area compared to other scrubbers, eliminating scum, water line dirt, grime along the walls of your swimming pool. The absorbing sponge can take in up to 40 times its weight in body oils, lotions, and grease without clogging water lines. To reuse easily, remove the saturated Ultra Mitt Surface Cleaner, squeeze out, and reuse. The latex water-proof barrier protects your skin from irritation and exposure to harsh chemical cleaners.

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