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Terminator (1L)


IPG Terminator Maintenance is your go-to chlorine neutralizer if you need to quickly decrease the sanitizer level of your water. 

Whether it be when you are opening up your pool at spring time or through the pool season, shock treatments are inevitably required. Unfortunately that also includes a waiting period, allowing teh chlorine level to drop below 1ppm. 

If you want to quickly decrease the sanitizer level, use IPG Terminator and enjoy no waiting period! The use of IPG Terminator Maintenance will not discolor any vinyl, fiberglass and cement pool liners.



  1. Test pool waters’ sanitizer level. If levels read higher than 3ppm, in small amounts of 50 ml per 10,000L of pool water, add IPG Terminator to decrease teh sanitizer level back to within an acceptable range of 1-3 ppm. 
  2. Wait 1 hour for sanitizer neutralizer to take effect. 
  3. After, chekc pH water level, and adjust, if necessary, so that pH level is between 7.2 - 7.8. 

DO NOT exceed recommended dosage. Add product in small increments and always test water levels before adding more product.


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