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Keep your pool and spa looking clean and lustrous with Stainfree. Metal stains from pool chemicals can take away the visual appeal of your pool. Natural Chemistry offers a simple and effective product to wipe away unappealing stains from pool liners and finishes that, if left untreated, would compromise your pool in the long run.

StainFree by Natural Chemistry is an environmentally friendly product composed of citric acid that works to effectively eliminate metal stains found on pool liners and all other finishes. This product is compatible with all sanitizing and offers effective clean for your entire pool. 

Note: Operating the pool for a couple of days without chlorine may create a problem with algae. Follow your pool dealer’s recommendations on steps you can take to protect your pool from algae during this metal stain removal process.

Wait to continue swimming until stain removal procedures are fully complete and chlorine is returned to normal. 

Please note before using that algae concerns may arise if operating pool for multiple days without chlorine. It's important that you closely follow the instructions of your pool provider to avoid any potential problems and protect your pool from algae while removing metal stains.

Step One: Ensure water chemistry prior to using Stainfree. Low pH, that is still in the acceptable range (7.2), works best during the stain removal process. 

Step Two: Add a pulp based filter aid to both the cartridge and sand fiters before begginning the water discoloration or metal stain removal process. Remeber that DE filters must be charged fully. This is a mandatory step. 

Step Three: Reduce chlorine to 1ppm or below. Any chlorine level above 1ppm or additional oxidizing agents will render Stainfree ineffective. 

Step Four:
Water Discoloration
If the pool water is discolored in its entirety, recirculate the pool and add 1lb of Stainfree for every 10,00 gallons of water, filling the pool evenly to its edge. Circulation should run continuously for one hour, then the pumps should be shut off and left to sit overnight. 
Surface Staining 

Add 1lb of Stainfree to every 10,000 gallons to the stained area, or as close to it as possible, turning the pump off overnight. 

Step Five: Brush the walls and floors of the pool before turning the pump back on

Step Six: Add Metalfree to the pool after turning the pump back on. Metalfree should be distributed evenly around the pool at 33.9oz for ever 20,000 gallons.

Step Seven: Keep the pump running, thenvaccum walls and floor of the pool. 

Step Eight: Clean Sand filter, Cartridge filter, and DE filter. 

Sand Filter
Back wash for a minimum of 3 minutes then rinse for at least 2 minutes 

Cartridge Filter
Thoroughly clean and filter tank

DE Filter 

Thoroughly bakwash then recharge 

Step Nine: Test water chemistry and rebalance water. Wait at least 1 week before shocking the pool. 

Be sure not to exeed 2ppm of chlorine. Add chlorine in small doses even if the chlorine level of your pool is low. A granular shock is recommended for salt generator pools.  Don't trun salt generator pools to superchlorinate function for at least 1 week, instead a granular shock is recommended.

Step Ten: Weekly use of Metalfree will help to revent future metal staining. 40z should be applied per 10,000 gallons on a weekly basis.


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