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Spring Pro Pool Opening Kit


All the products your need to open up your pool in an easy all-in-one box kit.

NOTE: Compatible with Salt Water Pools


  • 1L Algikill 600
  • 1 kg OXY PRO non-chlorine shock treatment
  • 1L Stain Prevent


  • -Begin filling pool to normal operating level.
  • As the pool fills, to prevent scaling, staining and water discolouration, Add-in 1L Stain Prevent.
  • Backwash pool and clean pool filter with Filter Cleaner (sold separately)
  • Rotate filter into operation position
  • Pour ZAP over pool surface as pump and filter operate
  • After waiting 12 hours, pour End Algae 15 in (directions on bottle)
  • Test chlorine level the next day.
  • If reading at 1-2 ppm begin normal chlorine routine, if under 1 ppm, perform shock treatment

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