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Sparkle Phos (1L)


Pool Sparkle, powerful pool maintenance concentrated cleaner, is the perfect solution for cloudy swimming pool water. 

If you want sparkling clear pool water, use IPG Pool Sparkle. With its advanced, powerful formula, Pool Sparkle does not contain alum, is not affected by chlorine and continues its efficiency in any pH condition, no adjustments necessary. 

It works to help increase your filtration systems’ efficiency by thickening the microscopic particles to form larger solid masses, which are then dispersed as the bottom of the pool or circulated by the filtration system.



Pool Sparkle Concentrated Cleaner must be used while the filtration system is in operation.

  1. For an initial dose, pour around the pool 50 ml of Pool Sparkle Per every 10,000L of swimming pool water. 
  2. After waiting for filtration to occur for a minimum of 8 hours, if the maximum recommended pressure is achieved, backwash the filtration system to clean the filter medium. 
  3. It may be necessary to vacuum the bottom of the pool. 
  4. If your pool water is cloudy because of airborne dust, dead algae, or high hardness levels, complete the following: Per every 10,000L of pool water, pour 250 ml of Pool Sparkle.

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