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Natural Chemistry Spa Purge


Cleans All The Places You Cannot Get To

Natural Chemistry Spa Purge works to clean your spa plumbing of any non-living organic waste. It attacks the root cause behind many spa water problems - the growth and presence of non-living organic waste contamination such as lotions, oils, hair products, cosmetics. When contaminants collect and build up in your hot tub, filters and circulation systems, they produces unpleasant odours, cloudiness in the water and foaming.

Purge your hot tubs plumbing with Spa Purge to instantly improve the clarity of your water and decrease the time and effort spent to clean and maintain your hot tub.

Using a concentrated formula that features SMARTZyme technology it rids your hot tub plumbing of any non-living organic waste that has built up inside.

Hot Tubs and Spas:

  1. Remove elements of cartridge filter
  2. Ensure hot tub water is at 95ºF or higher with circulation system running
  3. Pour entire Spa Purge 1L bottle into spa water
  4. Keep jets running for at least 5 minutes
    • NOTE: If foaming becomes too much (some foam is expected), turn jets off
  5. Keep circulation system running overnight and maintain temperature of at least 95ºF.
  6. Drain and clean all hot tub surfaces.
  7. Refill hot tub and re-install filter elements
  8. Continue with regular hot tub maintenance

For Tubs with Jets:

  1. Fill tub till hot water is 1" above jets
  2. Pour half of Spa Purge bottle
  3. Run jets for 5 minutes (some foaming is normal)
  4. Switch jets off and let water sit for 5 hours at least.
  5. Flush system by turning on jets for 1 min.
  6. Empty tub and clean tub surface as required.


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