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SPA Protect - Calcium+ Balancer (1L)

  • Ideal product to prevent and stop corrosion of equipment.
  • Concentrate liquid formula that does not leave powdery residue and provides quick results.

1. Hardness level should be tested often and maintained in the range of 100 to 200 ppm.
2. If level is below 100 ppm add 110 mL of CALCIUM+ per 1,000 L of spa water to raise hardness by 50 ppm.
3. Pour solution directly into spa water with the spa in operation.
4. Wait 15 minutes before using spa.


Hardness is the total dissolved mineral content of the spa water and is made up of mainly calcium and magnesium.
The ideal range for calcium hardness is 100-200 ppm.
Use on initial fill of spa or when required.

Always add chemicals to water, NEVER add water to chemicals!
Carefully read and follow all label directions before use.
Never mix with other chemical.

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