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SPA Protect - Alkalinity+ Balancer (1kg)

  • Helps maintain balanced pH levels.
  • Insures better bather comfort.
  • Protects spa equipment.


1. Total alkalinity levels should be tested often and maintained in the range 100 to 150 ppm.
2. If level is below 100 ppm, add 20 g of ALKALINITY+ per 1,000L of spa water to raise alkalinity by 10 ppm.
3. Pour directly into spa water with the spa in operation.
4. Wait 15 minutes before using spa.

Total alkalinity is the measure of the ability of the water to resist changes in pH, it effects and controls the pH and is a pH buffer.
Low total alkalinity causes excessive pH fluctuation and can cause corrosion of spa surfaces and equipment.
The ideal range for Total Alkalinity is 125-150 ppm.
Test regularly and use when required.

Always add chemicals to water, NEVER add water to chemicals!
Carefully read and follow all label directions before use.

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