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Beachcomber Soft (900g)


Beachcomber Soft is a water enhancer that works to improve water quality, making it more comfortable for bathers and works to stabilize pH levels. A blend of natural borate salts, it is a great skin moisturizer.

Use weekly or before each use, as needed or desired.

The Beachcomber Soft is a granular water enhancing product that improves water comfort and quality. It help prevent fluctuations in pH levels keeping water balance to help protect hot tub fixtures and equipment from scaling, staining and corrosion.

Water soluble and features a lovely green apple scent. Enjoy silky smooth hot tub water with Beachcomber Soft.


  • Always ensure pH levels are between 7.2-7.8 before you add Soft. This will ensure maximum effectiveness of water enhancer.

Start up:

  • Per 1000L of hot tub water add 150g of Beachcomber Soft
  • Sprinkle around hot tub while pump is running or pour directly into skimmer


  • Pour 40g of Soft for every 1000L of hot tub water weekly to maintain proper levels.

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