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Small Pulsator Accu-Jet


Ready for a massage that will leave you wanting to use your hot tub daily? Look no further than the Small Size Pulsator Jet in Grey or Chrome Britewerx. This jet is perfect for you if you’re looking to relieve stress or tension from your muscles and joints. Enjoy yourself or with friends as often as you like for optimal tranquility.

The Beachcomber Small Size Pulsator is a small yet mighty jet that provides the right amount of pressure to your muscles and joints. The jet provides a steady yet pulsating massage due to its spinning center hub and concentrated water pressure and pushes the water and air mixture through twin jets. 

For Beachcomber Hot Tub Models with Posi-lock fitting type from 2011 to present.

  • Size: Posilock system (screw in) - 2.0” across the jet face 
  • Colours: Grey, Chrome
  1. Drain tub water
  2. Read owner’s instruction manual
  3. Remove any existing jets
  4. Replace and install new jets

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