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Salt Shock (480g)


IPG Salt shock is stabilized chlorinated granules. They are added to pool water to control the growth of algae and bacteria.

This product is specifically useful for outdoor pools, where by adding 300 g of IPG stabilizer to 10,000L of pool water, chlorine residual levels can be protected from being ruined by the suns rays.

Your initial concentration should be 30 ppm. Maintain the recommended chlorine residuals daily by adding 40g of salt shock per 10,000L of pool water, give or take.


  • Refer to the testing kit to determine proper daily levels to maintain

Recommended levels:

  • Chlorine: 1.03.0 ppm
  • pH: 7.27.8
  • Total Alkalinity: 801290 ppm
  • Calcium hardness: 200300 ppm

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