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Salt One (5 kg)


IPG Salt One is specifically designed for saltwater pools. It should be used at the beginning of the pool season, shortly after your saltwater pool has been opened. Salt One works in conjunction with a salt generator to increase efficiency and water quality. This saltwater formula was designed with a balanced pH, so it will not affect your pool parameters. 

Salt One will make your pool water sparkle and clear, it will also increase your pool water’s softness for added bather comfort. The use of Salt One helps protect the wear of your salt generator cells and delay any corrosion.



For Initial Treatment: 

  1. After opening your pool, add 1 kg of Salt One Bucket for every 10,000L of pool water. Split your total amount in half, and add the first dose. Wait 4 hours before adding the second half. 
  2. Lightly add Salt One above the water return, but not into the skimmer.

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