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Beachcomber Resist (500g)


The Beachcomber RESIST™ 500g is a granular alkalinity increaser that also contains sodium bicarbonate. It helps hot tub water resist fluctuations in pH levels by increasing Total Alkalinity levels.
Aim to keep a proper Total Alkalinity level at a range between 100-120 ppm.


Available sizes: 500g & 2kg

Total Alkalinity is the measure of the amount of alkaline salts in your water. It helps hold pH level stable at around 7.2-7.8. If Total Alkalinity is high, the pH levels will go higher and vise versa. Out of range alkalinity levels results in very unbalanced water condition. This can cause damage to concrete pool surfaces, light rights, copper heater elements, ladders, dials and stainless steel fittings.


  • Use Beachcomber pH Minus to decrease Total Alkalinity
  • Use Beachcomber RESIST™ to increase Total Alkalinity
  • If water is balanced, use Beachcomber Soft to keep parameters in place for a sustained period.


  • Using Aquacheck 6-in-1 Water test strips, check the hot tub Total Alkalinity levels (Proper range is between 100-120 ppm)
  • Increase Total Alkalinity by 10ppm by adding 18g of Resist for every 1000L of hot tub water
  • Pour Beachcomber RESIST™ in the middle of your hot tub.

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