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Purge (2L)


Easily and rapidly eliminate the non-organic build-up that could be lurking in your pool. Purge cleaning solution for spas and pools seeps into the corners and crevices of your pool that you probably can’t get to yourself to dissolve dirt and grime to keep your water healthy, clean, and balanced. Purge helps to prevent clogs and backups in your pool’s filtration system. So, Purge your pool and spa today!  


    Purge is a powerful product that can be used to clean non-organic contaminants that can build up in your pool, such as oil, lotion, cosmetics and more that can cloud water and clog filtration.  

    When to Use Purge?  

    • In Season, to eliminate and prevent cloudy water that leads to odours and foaming  
    • Prior to drains and acid wash 
    • Prior to changing the pool liner  
    • After pool winterization to quickly remove any antifreeze residue

    Divide one bottle of Purge equally between skimmers for standard swimming pools with two skimmers. Pools with more than two skimmers require additional purge. 32oz of Purge is required per skimmer. 

    Step One: Allow circulation pump to run and keep sanitizer level below 5ppm, then add 32oz of Purge to each skimmer 

    Step Two: Let Purge Circulate with pump running for 24 hours 

    Step Three: Clean and backwash filters 

    Step Four: 24 hours after adding Purge, supercholrinate the swimming pool 

    Step Five: Continue regularly scheduled pool maintenance as usual 

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