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Beachcomber Pure Blue (1L)


The Beachcomber PURE BLUE™ is a highly concentrated natural water clarifier. Through agglomeration, the liquid water clarifier works to rid your hot tub water of cloudiness and return it to clear sparkling condition.
Formulated specifically for hot tub water. It works by forming large masses that can be trapped by your microfilter.

Use the Beachcomber Pure Blue regularly as a preventative measure to keep your hot tub water clear.

  • Reduce cloudy water
  • Improve water clarity
  • Dissipates microparticles
  • Improves efficiency of microfilter

The Beachcomber Pure Blue liquid water clarifier is highly concentrated and specifically formulated to remove cloudy water and restore your hot tubs water clarity. It works by coagulating loose micro-particles to form large masses that can be removed by the microfilter.

Cloudy Water Solutions

  • Filtration: To keep your hot clean your hot tubs pumping system moves water through the microfilter. You must check and clean out your filter regularly to ensure you have clean hot tub water. Beachcomber microfilter is easy to remove and clean. Most filters last 203 years and are inexpensive to replace.
  • Filtration Cycles: Now most hot tubs have various programmable filtration cycles. Using longer filtration cycles allows your filter work long to clear your water. Your pumping system will frequently pull the water through your microfilter allowing the fibers in the microfilter to do the filtering heavy lifting.



  • Make sure filter circulation system is in operation and can be left running continuously for at least 2 hours before adding Beachcomber Pure Blue

Start Up Fill:

  • Once your hot tub is filled and running on normal operation pour in 30 mo of Beachcomber Pure Blue per 1000L of hot tub water


  • Per 1000L of hot tub water add 30 ml of Beachcomber Pure Blue
  • When water is cloudy, you have the option of adding another 60 ml per 1000L of hot tub water every week

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