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Pressure Switch Cable


The pressure switch cable is an essential hot tub supply, intergral to the safe and smooth operation of your hot tub. This cable is equipped with a two-wire cable that is connected to the pressure switch, installed on the heater, and connected to the motherboard. Together, pressure switch and the pressure switch cables monitors water flow. The safety feature is designed to shut the heater off in the case of low water pressure, preventing fires or other mechanical issues. Low water pressure can occur as a result of clogged pumps and filters, interfering with the hot tub's pump to effectively circulate water.

This hardness consists of two wire cable that runs from the pressure switch to the motherboard.

During routine hot tub maintenance, your technician should inform you if you need to replace your hot tub pressure switch cable. Carefully monitor error codes and work with a trusted hot tub tech. If your current hot tub pressure switch cable is defective or not operating as intended, you should shop replacements before running your hot tub.

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