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Pool First Aid (2L)


Resuscitate your swimming pool with Pool First Aid by Natural Chemistry. The pool-saving solution eliminates dead algae, pollen, organic material, cosmetic buildup, and oil leaks without the need for scrubbing. The fast-acting Pool First Aid clears your swimming pool water of unwanted contaminants. It frees your filters of oil and chemical buildups, extending the lifespan of your filters so they can work more efficiently and for longer. When your swimming pool is cloudy, Pool First Aid clears it quickly, leveraging the power of SMARTZyme technology.

Natural Chemistry's Pool First Aid is a powerful swimming pool clarifier that is also equipped with SMARTZyme technology which is designed to control non-living organic contamination like sweat, which build up with high bather loads. Perfect for swimming pool restoration emergencies, enabling fast cleanups that are scrub-free. Pool First Aid clears dead algae, oils & spills, anti-freeze residue, paint and vandalism, and other water contaminants that build up in your pool.

Pool First Aid should be used when your swimming pool is already properly balanced.

  1.  Check Your Pool Sanitizer Level
  2. When your Sanitizer level is below 5ppm, wait 2 days (48 hours) to shock the pool with Pool First Aid.
  3. Evenly distribute Pool First Aid around the edge of the swimming pool. (One 4oz cap treats 2,000 gallons/ 7570.824L of water)
  4. Keep pool circulation running for 48 hours following treatment.

Recommendations: Use until the swimming pool water is entirely clear on and off every two days. Clear buildup by applying Pool First Aid directly to the waterline. When your swimming pool water temperature is below 21ºC or 70ºF, the Pool First Aid will require more time to work effectively to clear your pool water. 

Apply directly to waterline to quickly remove any existing waterline buildup.

Wait 24 hours after using anionic polymers before adding water clarifiers to your swimming pool.

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