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Plastic Pipe Barb


Is there water leaking around your hot tub heater?

Cracks and wear in your hot tub heater barb pipe can create vulnerabilities in your heater's seal. If you have an older model hot tub, you can keep the water flowing the way it is supposed to and maintain your water pressure with this long-lasting plastic pipe barb and protect your hot tub heater.

The plastic fitting is perfect for soft tubing. The plastic pipe barb is designed with multiple ridges that securely grip the inside of the pipe or hose to effectively seal the connections in your Beachcomber hot tub water heater.

  1. Turn off the water circulation or hot tub pump and your heater. Also, if you’re working with any electrical elements, shut down the power source or unplug any electrical mechanisms. 
  2. Remove your previous pipe barb and check for any imperfections in the pipe tubing 
  3. Put the grip side with the small side of the ridges into the small pipe tubing 

If you need assistance with reinstalling your new plastic pipe barb, contact the Seaway Pools & Hot Tubs team.

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