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Pipe Cleanse - Pipe Cleaner


Clean Your Hot Tub Pipes and Clarify Your Hot Tub Experience. 

The Beachcomber Pipe Cleanse, is an effective pipe cleaning solution designed to lift and flush biofilm and organic deposits that buildup deep within your hot tub’s internal water lines. When used just before draining, you’ll notice that pipe cleanse can loosen and clear your pipes of an exceptional amount of biofilm, enabling more hygienic and healthy hot tubbing.

  • Available size: 500 ml
  • pH: 7.4

The new and effective pipe cleaning solution is formulated without copper to mitigate any chance for staining. Beachcomber Pipe Cleanse seeps deep into your hot tub’s water pipes loosening any deposits of organic waste, dirt, and grime, freeing your hot tub of clogs for enhanced draining capabilities for an enhanced hot tub performance and longevity. Pipe cleanse is a neutral pH making it safe for handling and it comes in a one-time use bottle for easy measurement.


How to Use: 

  • Once you turn down your tub temperature, uninstall the microfilter and use your sanitizer as directed. 
  • Keep all water features, air controls, and hot tub jets in an open position. 
  • Ensure that all jets, water features, and air controls are in open position.
  • Pour in the Beachcomber Pipe Cleanse so it can circulate for 24 hours with the cover closed. 
  • Next, drain your hot tub, opening your gravity floor drain, so you can then wash/wipe down the inside walls.
  • Refill and restart your hot tub Make sure to rinse the microfilter 2-3 times in the next 24 hours.

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