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Perma Plus (1L)


Make pool maintenance easy and prevent the growth and spread of algae in your swimming pool by using IPG’s Perma Plus Algaecide. 

If your pool water is contaminated with algae growth, pool IPG Perma Plus should be applied. Over the course of several days, the algaecide will work gradually to kill algae present. 

Further use of IPG Perma Plus should be decided based on swimming pool water conditions, the amount of algae growth, and the frequency of pool use.




  1. We recommend maintaining the correct levels for chlorine, pH, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, and copper to achieve optimal results. Your chlorine level should be adjusted to a maximum of 1.5ppm. Use a proper water test kit to monitor these key level parameters. 

  2. If no visible algae present at the initial dose, use 175ml of Perma Plus for every 10,000L of swimming pool water. Be careful not to super chlorinate after the use of this product. 

  3. For weekly maintenance, adjust your dose of Perma Plus to maintain a copper level between 0.5 - 1 ppm.

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