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Neutralizer (500ml) - Sanitizer Eliminator


Safely Drain Your Tub with NEUTRALIZER 

When your active chlorine or bromine sanitizer levels are too high, Neutralizer is an easy and fast way to neutralize the water, so you can drain it safely. The concentrated formula with a 10.25 alkaline pH works quickly to bring down acid level. Always follow directions on the bottle of your Beachcomber Neutrallizer for safe use. 

  • Available size: 500 ml
  • pH:10.25

Chemically known as Sodium Thiosulphate, the Beachcomber is a liquid sanitizer eliminator that removes and disables any excess sanitizer oversaturating your hot tub. The powerful solution generates instrang results, completely neutralizing your hot tub sanitizer. Be sure to use test strips to monitor your sanitizer levels as overuse of the Beachcomber Neutr-All can affect your free chlorine reading. 

Neutr-All makes it safe to drain hot tub water on plants, grass or flowers.


By using Neutr-All, you can neutralize your sanitizer levels enough to safely drain your hot tub in and around grass lawns, gardens, and plants. 

Before draining your tub, test your hot tub’s sanitizer level to ensure it is at an acceptable pH.  

For effective use of Neutr-All solution, add 30ml of Neutr-All per 1000 L of hot tub water to reduce your sanitizer level by 1 ppm. After mixing Neutr-all to your hot tub water, wait about 15 minutes, then test your hot tub water again to check the sanitizer level and add any additional Neutr-All necessary to entirely eliminate the sanitizer from the water. 

Draining: For proper drainage procedures, it’s important to always follow the directions in the Beachcomber Hot Tub Owner’s Guide. Once you drain, you should test the water to ensure Free Available Chlorine or Bromine is not present. Active sanitizer in your hot tub water can ruin your grass, plants, and environments surrounding your tub. If your power source is on, you should never attempt to drain it - if not, it can lead to costly damage to your hot tub, equipment, property, or could cause injury. Planning to drain in warmer months is the best option to get through winter without any draining.

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