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Chrome Mini Neck Jet Britewerx


Don’t let a malfunctioning or old jet inhibit your hot tub experience.

Maximize the hydrotherapy effects of your Beachcomber hot tub with a high-quality replacement Neck & Mini Jet. Experience a soft-tissue neck massage that delivers on the pressure while still being gentle. This jet offers gentle pressure on your neck and shoulders, loosening your muscles and joints. Get more relaxation with premium jets for your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

Replace your jets for optimal performance with the Neck & Mini-jet. This jet provides a 50/50 water-to-air ratio, amplifying the buoyancy of the hot tub water. Don’t skip on comfort - enjoy your tub while receiving a soft tissue massage. Order the Neck Jet for a replacement or to customize your hot tub experience with your preferred number of jets.

Style: For Beachcomber Hot Tub Models 2009 to present

Size: 3 - ¼” Across Jet Face

Colour: Chrome


  1. Drain water from your tub
  2. Read your owner’s manual
  3. Remove existing jets
  4. Install your new jets

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